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When litigation has led to a trial and the trial has yielded questionable results, you may want to consider bringing an appeal. Appellate cases give you the opportunity to make your case before a small group of appellate judges. Appellate lawyers at Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP in Las Vegas are skilled litigators and appellate practitioners capable of handling your case from inception to trial and then, if necessary, through the appellate process.

Appellate law practice involves similar but distinct skills as compared to argumentation during original trials. More research and writing are involved. Cross examinations and persuasive speeches by appeals attorneys may not occur at all during an appeal. Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP‘s give the preparation of appeals the full attention of fresh pairs of eyes.

The Purpose And Power Of An Appeal

An appeal offers an individual or business the opportunity to persuade a new court that the lower court allowed legal errors to be part of its decision. The error may have involved evidence, procedures or conclusions of the law. Filing an appeal puts a relatively unknown individual or organization on a level playing field and allows for a fresh review of all facts that led to an inadequate result the first time.

Ask An Appellate Lawyer To Review Your Case

Whatever your situation concerning appeals, Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP is a smart choice for private individuals as well as lawyers.

You may be a private individual or a representative of a business looking for a law firm to handle your litigation. You understand the importance of being ready to appeal if necessary. Choosing a firm that can appeal your case is a wise move.

Or, you have received a disappointing verdict already and would like to talk to an experienced appellate law attorney about what to do next.

You may be an attorney at a smaller firm looking for an appeals attorney for your client.

Our attorneys offer valuable advice and direction in all types of litigation cases leading to appeals. Call 702-660-9105 or send an email inquiry through this website for a prompt response.