What are main types of construction defects?

One of the most stressful things that can happen when you're anticipating the end results of a carefully-planned build or remodel is to find out that you aren't happy with the results. In some cases, construction defects are so serious that they lead to major lawsuits.

What is a construction defect?

Whose liable for a defective product you bought on Amazon?

If you're like most of America, you do a lot of shopping on Amazon. After all, there are few things that you can't find there -- often at a better price than you can purchase locally. The one- and two-day free shipping offers make these consumer goods even more attractive, especially if you don't relish the idea of actually getting dressed and getting in the car to buy what you want in the stores. When a product isn't as-described or is just plain bad, Amazon also makes it easy to return them.

What happens, though, when a product is outright dangerous and defective? If you're injured because of a defective product sold by Amazon, who is responsible for your losses?

New Ikea recall over 3-drawer dressers

If you bought a dresser that had the potential to tip over and kill your child, you would want to know that vital tidbit of information. Yet furniture giant Ikea appears to have dropped the ball recalling their dangerous product.

Six kids died over 10 years from tipped-over dressers. The company initially seemed responsive and recalled millions of the furniture items. They also paid out more than $96 million in settlements. But in 2019, when it became apparent that still another dresser made by the company failed to meet safety standards, Ikea chose to keep on selling their product.

Why should I purchase title insurance?

If you are purchasing a home or another piece of property, you may wonder if you really need title insurance. If you're borrowing money, you'll find that lenders insist upon its purchase to protect them from financial losses stemming from property ownership disputes.

But you have the option to purchase tile insurance for owners. So, is this just another way to dissipate limited funds or a necessary protection?

How can you avoid construction delays?

Construction delays can feel like an inevitable part of the building process -- but they don't have to be. You can effectively eliminate serious construction delays, keep projects running smoothly and avoid expensive litigation over problems just by following a few basic rules.

Here are some of the basics that you need to remember when you're aiming to keep a project on track:

How to avoid legal conflicts with overseas vendors or suppliers

Contracts are designed to solve problems and prevent lawsuits -- not create them. But it can be particularly tricky to negotiate a good contract with your overseas business contacts. If you're trying to establish a working relationship with overseas vendors and suppliers, here are some tips that can help you avoid trouble.

1. Negotiate in good faith

The dangers of wrong-way drivers

When you're out on the highway at night, one of the most stomach-churning sights you can see is another car's headlights coming your way, in your lane. It means that there's a driver on the road who is going the wrong way, and he or she may not even realize the danger that they're in -- let alone the danger they're putting everyone else in.

Wrong-way drivers are sometimes just confused. An experienced teen can end up going the wrong way after taking the wrong ramp onto the highway. An older driver who is having trouble seeing at night may miss a turn or a sign and end up going against traffic. However, officials say that many wrong-way drivers are suffering from confusion simply because they're inebriated. They say that there are known "hot spots" for wrong-way drivers around bars and restaurants, particularly close to closing time. In at least one state, the average blood alcohol content among wrong-way drivers has been calculated at .18% -- more than twice the legal limit of .08%.

Amazon continues to skirt product liability laws

For a lot of people, purchasing a product on Amazon instead of in a store is second nature. In these busy times, it's often much easier to "shop and click" at home in your pajamas instead of getting dressed and heading out to the store. Plus, returns are pretty easy and most Americans feel familiar with the industry giant, which makes it comfortable to use them for purchases.

Well, think carefully about what you decide to purchase from Amazon. Over the last few years, Amazon customers (or their insurance companies) have tried to hold the retail giant accountable for numerous dangerous and defective products purchased through their site, from hoverboards that have exploded during charging and hair dryers that were so poorly made that they caught fire the first time they were used.

How physical therapy can help after a car wreck

You've been in a serious car wreck. Despite your injuries, you thought you'd be back on your feet by now -- but you just aren't progressing like you'd expected.

Physical therapy (PT) may be able to help. If you're entirely unfamiliar with how it works or it's been a while since you've seen a physical therapist, you may be surprised to learn that treatments have evolved significantly over the years. Physical therapists now specialize in treating different systems in the body.

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