Bicycle commuters are at risk of injury

| Nov 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

As a bicycle commuter, you enjoy the ability to avoid traffic jams, exercise on your way to and from work and save money.

While there are many benefits of commuting on your bike, you’re always at risk of an accident that can cause serious injury or even death.

Here are three hazards to beware of at all times:

  • Aggressive drivers: Not all drivers are willing to share the road with bicyclists, even though it’s a law. Aggressive driving comes in many forms, such as road rage, speeding and reckless driving.
  • Opening doors: Don’t pay so much attention to moving traffic that you lose sight of parked vehicles. Once someone parks, it’s only a matter of time before they open their door. And if they do so into your lane of travel, you could strike it head-on or be forced to swerve into traffic.
  • Right turns: When a driver makes a right turn, they may not always look over their shoulder. Neglecting to do so increases the likelihood of them striking you in the intersection.

If you’re injured in a car-bicycle accident, don’t wait to receive medical care. It’s unfortunate, but due to a lack of protection, you should expect serious injuries such as broken bones.

Once you receive medical treatment, consult with your insurance company, collect evidence and learn more about your legal rights.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be able to take steps to hold the negligent driver responsible. This can result in you receiving compensation for your injuries and other damages related to the accident.