2 common construction disputes that could lead to litigation

The last thing Las Vegas residents expect to deal with when building a new home or commercial property is construction litigation. Unfortunately, entering into such litigation happens more often than many Nevada property owners believe.

We know that the possibility of construction litigation strikes fear into the hearts of those looking to create a new home or business. However, understanding why it occurs may help you avoid such a scenario. Our lawyers want to share with you two common disputes that could lead to construction litigation. We believe this knowledge is critical in avoiding legal proceedings altogether and in preparing yourself if you do end up seeking a judicial solution.

Construction defect disputes: When a contractor or subcontractor allegedly performs shoddy workmanship or uses substandard materials, a defect may occur. Often, construction litigation is the best way to resolve such a dispute. However, with a skilled legal team by your side, it is possible to find an alternate resolution, which can keep you out of a lengthy legal battle.

Scope of work disputes: Sometimes, property owners and contractors believe they agree on the plans and specifications of a building project. Imagine how surprised these parties are when they discover that they have totally different interpretations of a project’s specs. You can avoid this kind of dispute by having an experienced attorney review your plans and your contracts in advance.

Although it is not always possible to avoid construction litigation, our attorneys believe that preparation is crucial to help you succeed when litigation does occur. We urge you to learn more about construction disputes and your legal options by continuing to explore our website.