New Ikea recall over 3-drawer dressers

If you bought a dresser that had the potential to tip over and kill your child, you would want to know that vital tidbit of information. Yet furniture giant Ikea appears to have dropped the ball recalling their dangerous product.

Six kids died over 10 years from tipped-over dressers. The company initially seemed responsive and recalled millions of the furniture items. They also paid out more than $96 million in settlements. But in 2019, when it became apparent that still another dresser made by the company failed to meet safety standards, Ikea chose to keep on selling their product.

It took them 16 weeks to cease sales. But no recall was announced until March of this year even though the dressers posed risk of “death or serious injury to children.”

Ikea’s head of product compliance issued a statement claiming Ikea was phasing out their Kullen dresser before the new safety standards were implemented.

The logistical challenges of the company are no solace to parents whose young children died after their dressers tipped over onto them.

Most product recalls are voluntary — including the prior two for the Ikea dressers. Companies negotiate the recall terms with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) after internally calculating any financial benefits of continued sales of a suspect product against the considerable liability and costs of a recall. They also have to factor in the intangible cost of appearing tone-deaf to the public when kids keep dying on their watch.

The fact that they first issued voluntary recalls and then dragged feet paints a troubling picture of the company’s views on the safety of their dressers.

If you have one of their three-drawer Kullen dressers in your home with young children, you can contact the company about a refund. If your child was injured by the furniture, you may want to explore your options to seek civil justice.