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All litigation firms are not alike. Some are better prepared than others to tackle certain challenges. Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP has made a name for itself through hard work on complex commercial matters. Our litigation attorneys often take on cases that proved too challenging for other law firms. Successful outcomes on large cases have given our firm the resources necessary to handle complex commercial litigation involving:

  • Large corporations with in-house counsel as legal opponents
  • Multiple parties
  • Complex insurance holdings
  • Contradictory contracts
  • Entities undergoing ownership changes, mergers or acquisitions
  • Extra-fierce opposition

Whatever the unique factors are that make your commercial litigation matter complex, Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP is up for the challenge. Our lawyers have overcome the odds time and again and achieved remarkable victories through hard work, due diligence and carefully constructed arguments. When we take on a case, we do so with the belief that we can win for our clients. We are willing to take a case to trial. Our opponents soon realize that fact. When they come up against our aggressive counsel, they have good reason to take us and our clients’ positions seriously.

A Las Vegas Firm In The Fight To Win

Resolving your commercial litigation matter may not require a courtroom show-down, but if it does, our lawyers are the ones you want on your side. Might your case settle without the need for a trial? Let us evaluate the facts and advise you on our recommended course of action. Call 702-660-9105 or send an email message to schedule a consultation.