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Our team of attorneys has represented plaintiffs in some of the largest and most successful class actions and mass actions in Nevada history with recoveries in excess of $500 million. Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP also has extensive experience on plaintiffs’ committees in class actions and mass actions litigated around the country over the past three decades, including the tobacco litigation, fen-phen and breast implant cases and others. Our winning cases have included complex, multi-district class actions.

How Our Firm Changes The World Through Mass Torts: One Example

One of the largest class actions in the history of Nevada was a case against a brass plumbing fittings manufacturer in China. The materials used proved to be incompatible with Nevada’s hard water containing zinc.

Thanks to our in-depth investigation, we uncovered the truth about the negligence of the manufacturer as well as individual plumbers who continued installing these plumbing fittings even after problems had become apparent.

After several years of hard work, we achieved a win for our mass tort clients: New brass fittings were installed in tens of thousands of homes. Countless potential plumbing disasters were averted, and our winning class action suit held the wrongdoers accountable.

A Prominent Class Action Attorney Leading A Talented Team

Our founding partner, attorney Will Kemp, is known for innovative, effective strategies in complex and multi-district tort litigation matters. His successes in these areas have won him acclaim from US News and Chambers USA, which called him “a go-to lawyer for major mass tort cases.” He has led our entire team through numerous complex, high-profile class action suits.

Are You A Candidate For Filing A Class Action Lawsuit?

If you are the first to initiate a class action, you may have a top position in the suit and reap higher rewards when we win your case. Alternatively, you may join a class action already underway. Or maybe your damage claim would be more suitable as an individual consumer rights or injury claim. We encourage you to discuss your case with one of our attorneys to determine the most promising course of action. Our office phone in Las Vegas is 702-660-9105. You may also contact us by email for a prompt response.