Recovery For Those Suffering Serious And Catastrophic Injuries

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Whatever the specifics of your serious or catastrophic injury, one thing is virtually certain: it will change your life dramatically. Besides pain and suffering, you will likely encounter challenges such as extensive paperwork and a host of professionals to communicate with. Dealing with insurance companies, therapists, pharmacies and social workers can quickly become exhausting and frustrating. It is all too common for injured people and their families to make mistakes, miss deadlines and face bureaucratic obstacles.

Get Your Claim Or Lawsuit Off To A Running Start

Getting legal counsel early in the recovery process can make a great difference. Legal representation is especially critical when injuries are severe after:

  • A car accident
  • A fall from a high place
  • A defective drug or medical device mishap
  • An explosion or wall collapse at a construction site

A serious injury like a broken bone or a back injury may require hospitalization, surgery and a long rehabilitation period. A catastrophic injury such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury will likely involve a long recovery and leave you with long-term disabilities. You — the injured person or a surviving family member after a fatality — have enough to deal with at the personal level. Enlisting a lawyer to handle claims and communications can be a great relief. Get a compelling injury claim or lawsuit underway without delay to move forward with your case.

Attorneys at Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP in Las Vegas are ready to work hard to ensure you have:

  • Access to quality medical care
  • Guidance and assistance in all phases of your case
  • A path to the compensation you deserve

More importantly, an attorney on your side can position you to receive maximum attainable compensation. Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP‘s trial lawyers are aggressive, results-oriented and accomplished. If you work with our firm, a skilled advocate will thoroughly investigate how the accident happened and who is responsible to pay for your losses.

Our Las Vegas Law Firm Takes On Goliaths For Those Who Have Suffered Serious And Catastrophic Injuries

Your initial consultation after a serious injury in Nevada is free at our law firm. We are here to fight for you while you do the hard work of healing and reaching a “new normal” way of life. Let us explain how we will go about preparing a compelling claim on your behalf. Call 702-660-9105 or send an email inquiry through this website for a prompt response.