When Dangerous And Defective Products Cause Injury

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Manufacturers, venders, installers and marketers all have responsibilities to consumers when they make and sell products. Each person or organization involved in getting a product to the marketplace has a duty to protect the safety of people who buy, use or consume that product. When a member of the public suffers injuries through use of a dangerous or defective tool, medication or another product, that person may seek compensation through a product liability claim.

The Injuries

The first step in preparing to file a claim or lawsuit is to determine whether an injury is serious enough and whether someone’s negligence was to blame. Serious injuries such as burns, amputations, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries may bring exorbitant costs, inconvenience, pain and suffering. The injured person and sometimes family members may be eligible for compensation through legal action.

The Causes

A second step in evaluating a potential product liability claim to examine is the question of liability. Who was responsible? Did a company or facility put profit over safety when creating or selling a defective product that injured you or your loved one? Corporate responsibility is often a critical element. Major corporations have been known to manufacture goods from hazardous materials, omit checks and balances in design and manufacturing processes, gloss over research results, and hide known dangers from consumers. When a manufacturer or vender does not warn potential consumers of hazards, this negligence may be a key component of a product liability claim.

Legal Remedies

Preparing a case as if for trial is the next step toward successful recovery of compensation. Many cases settle before trial, but aggressive preparation and argumentation can bring justice for an injured consumer. Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP welcomes inquiries from people who have lost loved ones because of dangerous or defective products. Our lawyers have a long and successful track record of helping consumers recover damages for harm caused by defective products, including faulty medications, construction materials and other consumer products.

From Offices In Las Vegas, Our Aggressive Litigators Are Available To Represent Clients Here And Elsewhere

You may have had a car accident or lost a loved one in a crash and no one has realized yet that it was caused by a defective car part. How can you know what the true cause was? Our legal team has ample experience evaluating injury cases for potential product liability aspects. We would like to sit down with you in our Nevada law offices, in your hospital room or in a teleconference to hear about your accidental injuries. Call 702-660-9105 or send an email inquiry through this website to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.