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Health care is highly personal and often carries high stakes. Improved health is the outcome we seek when we take medications or use medical devices after consulting with doctors, pharmacists or over-the-counter product labels. Ideally, suitable drugs and health aids should enhance our health, not harm it. Unfortunately, sometimes we experience disappointing results, such as no effect, or worse: illness, injury or even fatal conditions triggered by the product in question.

Was It A Care Provider Or A Medical Product That Injured A Patient?

All patients hope to be able to trust doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and manufacturers of drugs and medical devices to watch out for their wellbeing. Health care providers may make mistakes, and when warranted, medical malpractice claims may provide a path to compensation.

On the other hand, manufacturers and venders often peddle products without honestly disclosing known risks. When someone is injured, proof of negligence may open the door to product liability claims. Trial lawyers at Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP in Las Vegas have a strong track record of bringing individual claims and class actions. All too often, we find that greedy elements in corporations have taken over the delivery of health care products like drugs and medical devices. Our lawyers often discover that manufacturers and venders:

  • Failed to warn consumers of risk factors
  • Lied about research results intended to verify whether drugs and medical devices are safe
  • Put profit over people’s safety and wellbeing
  • Sold the American public drugs and medical devices that had been banned in Europe or elsewhere for safety reasons
  • Used deceptive labels to persuade the public and health care facilities to buy questionable products
  • Marketed products with manufacturing defects
  • Coerced health care providers to prescribe or use products of faulty integrity
  • Encouraged health care providers and patients or customers to recommend, prescribe or use products for “off-label” purposes that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

When actions like these injure consumers, a product liability claim can be a path to justice.

A Cause For Suspicion: Was There A Recall?

Manufacturers sometimes alert the public late in the game about risks. When drugs or medical devices are recalled, this may signal that hazards have come to light through reports of consumers’ injuries. A few examples of defective products from recent recall lists have included: dietary supplements, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, contraceptive drugs, and delivery systems and blood pressure medications, to name a few.

When we evaluate your potential defective product claim, we will review recall records and conduct other types of investigation with one goal: to achieve justice on your behalf.

Bring Your Case To Our Attention

Our experience in product liability litigation has taught us the importance of establishing trusting client-attorney relationships, beginning with initial communications. We offer free consultations to people who have been injured or lost loved ones because of defective drugs and medical devices. Call 702-660-9105 or send a message to request a meeting to talk about your injuries and the product(s) that may have caused them.