Eminent Domain: Sometimes A Threat — Sometimes A Step In Development

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Property ownership is often a position of strength, but an owner’s power over land has its limits. Government entities, including municipalities, counties, states and the federal government, have the right and ability to take land from individuals or business groups and repurpose it. Eminent domain may be for the purpose of:

  • Demolishing structures from properties susceptible to flooding
  • Expanding roads, installing electricity generators, or building dams or bridges
  • Replacing low-density, low-tax generating neighborhoods with high-density, high-tax generating developments such as mixed-use complexes
  • Eliminating areas of blight

Land owners often want to fight eminent domain actions until they realize they are bound to lose the battle. The next step is to seek legal counsel for help remaining on properties as long as possible and/or recovering maximum available remuneration.

Nevada Lawyers With Experience On Both Sides Of The Equation

Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP has extensive experience standing up for land owner rights in eminent domain actions. We fight to achieve fair outcomes for our clients, whether eminent domain is still up for debate or is about to proceed. Our attorneys partner with our clients in pursuit of the best attainable results.

We also represent government bodies in eminent domain cases, while strictly avoiding any conflict of interest. Our experience on both sides of these disputes equips our attorneys to efficiently and effectively handle any eminent domain dispute, as well as other real estate litigation matters like boundary disputes and adverse possession.

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