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A fundamental necessity of a real estate transaction is a clear title. However, many properties contain defects dating back to problematic transfers of the past. Mechanics’ liens, multiple owners and incorrect land surveying are all examples of complications that may cloud a property’s title before a sale.

Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP stands for reliability in the area of titles and title defect cures. Our real estate lawyers bring a winning combination of knowledge and creativity to the challenge of ensuring that our clients’ property titles are in tip-top shape.

You may have entered into a contingent purchase-sale agreement without knowing whether the property’s title is ready for the transaction. We can conduct thorough title searches to discover defects and make sure that a smooth buy-sell transaction is feasible. An experienced real estate lawyer at our firm can bring a quiet title action to clear up defects.

When you look for an attorney to address these problems, look for experience and a strong reputation. Our attorneys are available to advise you in detail on title insurance and other requirements for conveyance of property.

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